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Leg Up Sunflower Meal

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Protein & Fat for Maintaining Condition

Leg Up Sunflower Meal is derived from New Zealand grown high oleic sunflower seed. A cold pressing process is used to extract the oil from seed without the use of heat or chemicals. This gentle process ensures all nutritional benefits are retained (protein and oil) in the meal and are available for your horse to utilise

Leg Up Sunflower Meal is not a complete feed and therefore should be applied into a balanced diet.

Key Benefits

  • Quality fat & protein for building and maintaining body condition
  • Low in starch and sugar providing a cool source of energy
  • Higher fat levels for coat shine and healthy skin

For Best Results

  • Feed in conjunction with forage (pasture, hay and/or chaff)
  • Feed in conjunction with Leg Up Performance Oil for optimal coat shine and joint health
  • Adjust the following feeding rates depending upon condition and level of work
Fact Sheet

Nutritional Information

Typical Analysis (DM Basis)
Energy 13.2 MJ/KG
Fat 14%
Protein 26%
Fibre 31%
Major Nutrients Per 1kg
Digestible Energy 13.2 DE
Crude Protein 26%
Crude Fat 14%
Crude Fibre 31%
Moisture 7%
Starch 1%
Soluble Sugar 5%
NSC 16.5%
Vitamin E 48.0mg

Leg Up Sunflower Meal provides quality fat and protein for maintaining body condition. This supplement provides a cool source of energy and higher fat levels assisting coat quality.

Our Sunflower Meal is low in non-structural carbohydrates and suitable for horses with low tolerances to starch and sugar.

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